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XIVth International Colloquium on Roman Provincial Art Scientific Commitee

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept or reject applications, as well as papers in Acta.

Deyts Simone, University of Burgundy, Archeology, Honorary Senior Lecturer and UMR ArTeHiS

Esposito Arianna, University of Burgundy, Lecturer of classical archaeology UMR ArTeHiS
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Gaggadis-Robin Vassiliki, Chargée de Recherche au CNRS, Aix-Marseille University,  Centre Camille Jullian

Kazek Kevin, Museum of La Cour d’Or – Metz Metropole, Curator, doctor in ancient history

Klein Michael, Former  Director of the Archaeological Department of the Landesmuseum

Popovitch Laurent, University of Burgundy., Lecturer of roman archaeology UMR ArTeHiS
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Reddé Michel, EPHE, Professor

Tarpin Michel, University of Grenoble, Professor of art history and archaeology of ancient world

Vernou Christian, Archaeological museum of Dijon, Director and UMR ARTeHIS
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The Scientific Coordinator

Lefebvre Sabine, University of Burgundy., Professor of roman history and UMR ArTeHiS
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